Win a Heart with your Romantic Camping Cooking Idea

Camping is always an exciting activity that is full of fun and a great life experience. It gets more exciting if you and your partner decide to go for a vocational camping trip.

You are set to have a great time together and even connect more. There is nothing valuable than spending time with your love.

When you go camping, you will have the option of carrying your stove, or if the camping grounds have a restaurant, you can decide to buy food from the restaurant.

However, why not surprise her with your excellent cooking skills? There are romantic camping cooking ideas that will make her forever want to go out camping with you even next time.

This is a great opportunity for you to win her heart. Before leaving for the camping expedition, you should ensure that you pack all the supplies you will need.

Carry your gas stove and the cooking utensils. You can also decide to use creative romantic camping cooking idea such as lighting an open fire.

It is always fun when you prepare your meals at the campsite instead of eating at the restaurant.

The reason you planned a camping trip is that you wanted to have fun and probably you want to please your partner and win her heart. Here are some romantic cooking ideas that will help you to win her heart.

Romantic Camping Cooking Idea

Schedule to arrive at the camping ground before the sunsets. It is always good to arrive before it is dark.

After checking in, ask the camping grounds assistant to assist you to locate your camping site if you booked online. After you are directed, quickly setup the place and confirm that you carried all the ingredients.

Don’t wait until dinner to impress your girlfriend.

A glass of juice and some biscuits to repair her worn out body will do. You have just arrived, and you are all tired.

However, you planned the trip because you wanted to have fun together. Serve her some cold drink and snacks of her choice, as you discuss the itinerary.

Whether you serve it on a tray or the elegantly set camping table, make sure she is comfortable.

This is a way of setting the mood for a romantic night under the stars with the moon watching over you. You can sit outside the tent as you wait for the sunset or by the lake as you watch the sun go down.

Watching the sun go down especially when skies are clear adding the romantic feeling especially when you are with your love.

After the sunset, you now come closer to the tent and discuss what to have for dinner. Let it be a simple but romantic camping cooking idea.

Probably it is the first time your girlfriend is out for a camping experience, you must give it your best so that it sticks in her mind. Game meat is a good plan for that dinner.

Ask the campsite restaurant to supply you with some soft game meat. Or you could have pre-ordered during the reservation time. Unless you have the scouting experience, you can use the starter log.

Otherwise, the lighter and some lighting fluid will help you set up the fire. If you have your cooking gas the better. Otherwise get innovative by lighting the fire outside the tent and use firewood.

Now prepare a romantic game meat soup and serve with roast potatoes. A glass of wine or two, or even seven will be a good idea. After the dinner clear the place and you can go to bed and wait for the following day.

The following morning, wake up early and prepare some breakfast. Pour over coffee is a nice cooking camping idea.

It is fast to prepare, and you can eat it with any snacks. As per your schedule, you can go hiking. Over lunch time, up your lunch game with some Dutch-oven stew simmered over an open flame.

After a hiking trail, it is good to have some good meal that will bring some energy back. You can top it up with some beer as you relax


For the best romantic camping cooking idea, it is good to plan ahead of time to make sure you carry enough supplies. You can read some recipes and try them out. Camping is always a fun time.

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