What the ETH, Dude? Gameplay

The NFT series “What the ETH, Dude?” is something of a tongue in cheek look at the crypto space, and a homage to some of the more recent brilliant minds that we have seen drive innovation in more than just the financial legacy system to date.

Launched on OpenSea.io, the (A:\1) A.K.A. 5¼-inch Floppy Disc series brings gameplay elements to the collection. The Properties that each NFT has are unique and


NFTs played are not single use. Each NFT has a starting vitality score of 100 points. As you are attacked your vitality is progressively depleted based on the power of the other NFT attacking your NFT. Once your vitality has been depleted to zero, your NFT is no longer able to be played in that game.

Each turn in the game begins with selecting your NFT to play. The dice to be used is a single six sided dice. Once selected, each player rolls the dice and the highest roll is the NFT to launch the attack.

Difference between the highest number and the lowest number of the roll potentially enables the attack to include the use of a Super Power. See “Activating Super Power” in the Rules.

How an Attack works

For example, with a starting base of 100 vitality points each, an attack launched by OK Boomer on Moon Boy without any Super Powers or Weaknesses applied would result in Moon Boy

How an Attack works

Calculations under further consideration to be published soon.


Activating Super Power

Super powers are activated for the Attacking NFT after the roll of the dice. Where the difference between the highest roll and the lowest roll is greater than 3, a Super Power may be used by the Attacking NFT.

Where the highest roll is a “6” the Attacking NFT is able to combine powers with other NFTs (excluding multiples of the same NFT) held that have the same Super Power. Damage scores are completed using the Damage Calculation matrix.

Activating Weakness

Weaknesses are activated automatically based on the news of the day, meaning, if your NFT has a weakness of “Hackers” and there is a report of a hack on a blockchain protocol, your NFT is frozen for 2 turns.

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