Webetop Portable Generator – My Choice of Quiet Camping Generators

Being out in the middle of the bush is a magical experience. Watching the sun sink down below the horizon as the night sky opens up above you, there’s nothing like the peace and quiet, an almost spiritual serenity.

That’s up until you hear someone crank up their noisy generator, then the magic quickly dissipates. But that’s not the case with the Webetop Portable Generator, which is my top choice of quiet camping generators.

You could look at this purely from a camping perspective if you wanted to, but the advantage of the Webtop Portable Generator is much more obvious when you consider these reasons why you need to buy a generator today.

What is your Plan B?

Have you considered what your plan ‘B’ is in the case that you need to rely on a power source other than the main electricity supplier in your area? There have been ample news reports covering the various disasters which we have been exposed to around the world.

There have been desperate accounts of where people have been left stranded in areas that they are accustomed to having the modern day amenities on hand.

I don’t mean the ability to check in on Facebook so much as the ability to cook and care for the needs of your family without having to go to extreme measures.

A generator can be one of the best assets you have either for your camping adventures or your disaster recovery kit.

The best pick of generators for me comes down to ease of transport and most of all, are they reliable and quiet.

The Webetop Portable Generator is easily one of the quietest generators I’ve come across. For what I have relied upon as a trusted review of the Webetop Portable Generator, head over to Source Power Solutions.

Aside from this being my top choice in the quiet camping generators category, I am a big fan of the Webtop due to the price point and the added option of going solar, which is a plus if you can’t get access to conventional fuel sources in a time of desperation or disaster; the sun will always shine.

Eco-Friendly Living

The plan ‘B’ aspects of my rationale aside, the next aspect of having a generator on hand is that if you are the ‘off-grid’ type and just want to lighten your carbon footprint, the solar option with the Webtop is a plus for sure.

Remember that peace and serenity I spoke about in the opening of this article? Yeah, that’s what people are after when they go ‘off-grid’ for a short timeframe or even a longer timeframe. Quiet camping generators offer that level of satisfaction when compared to noisier, gas-guzzling alternatives.

One place I worked at in a previous life was a gold mine in remote South Australia. Challenger was a two and a half hour flight north-west of Adelaide.

The nearest sealed road was over 150km down a dirt track in some of the harshest bushland in the Australian Outback. This landscape was also known for its contrasting beauty at dawn and dusk, with some of the most magical sunrises and sunsets you’ll ever see.

On-site we had 7 industrial generators that powered the camp and the mine. These went through over 300,000 liters of diesel a week.

Not the sort of eco-friendly off-grid living I would say that anyone imagines. From a noise perspective, even though they were six kilometers away from camp, we could still hear them humming away through the night.

Need More Power?

Some smaller generators I’ve used in the past made these industrial units sound moderately quite by comparison.

If your preference is to have a generator that is powered by a fuel source for the output and duration of use, then one of the best that I’ve come across is the Westinghouse WH1000i Portable Inverter Generator. For a unit of its size, this little gem delivers on a big scale.

A more in-depth review of the WH1000i will show you that this unit is unmatched in its price range as far as quality, durability, performance, and ease of use.

Although the Westinghouse WH1000i Portable Inverter Generator is not one of the units that I would put at the top of the list for being one of the quiet camping generators, it is very quiet for what it delivers in terms of power supply.

If you have a bigger family or equipment that requires more supply due to the draw, then this is the pick of the two for your needs.

For more comparisons between other generators on the market, you’ll find much more detail and a wider selection at Source Power Solutions with their comprehensive listing of dozens of different models available on the market today.

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