Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich – Study Guide Week 7

Chapter 6 detailed the way in which riches will come to you. We spent time considering this in detail last week, and now it’s time to further build upon that with the 7th chapter of “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.

Towards the bottom of this section you’ll see some questions which are here to help you take further value from the content covered in Chapter 7. Daily consideration of the content in this chapter will help strengthen your understanding of the Science of Getting Rich.

Give consideration to the ways in which gratitude supports you in your journey within The Science of Getting Rich. What can you gain from an attitude of gratitude?

Please share your responses to the questions shown below. You can add these to the comments section on this post. If you would like to support this study on other platforms, you could also share your responses in the YouTube comments, or on BitChute or Odysee.

The Science of Getting Rich Study Questions – Week 7

Q1) What are the three steps with which you enter into a relationship with the Supreme Power?

Q2) What is the single mistake that keeps many in poverty?

Q3) Explain why and how gratitude keeps you in close touch with the Supreme Power.

Q4) What are the two additional benefits we find when we fix our minds on the Supreme Power when good things come to us?

Q5) What is another key benefit of having a constant attitude of gratitude?

Q6) Explain the operation of the law of action and reaction.

Q7) If your gratitude is strong and constant, what will be the outcome?

Q8) Why should you fix your mind on the best?

Q9) Explain the relationship between gratitude and faith.

Q10) How should you behave towards the shortcomings and wrong actions of those in power and corrupt politicians?

Q11) With regard to Q10, What will be the effect?

Chapter 7 Gratitude

Review Chapter 7 of The Science of Getting Rich below.

Join us next week for a study of Chapter 8.

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