Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich – Study Guide Week 5

As we continue on from Chapter 4 which we covered last week, we now get to dive in to the 5th chapter of “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.

In the section shown below, you’ll see a number of questions provided to help with cementing the content and teachings found within Chapter 5. Give yourself an opportunity to review this content daily. Consider how it may be able to enhance your understanding of the laws within The Science of Getting Rich.

I would like to invite you to add your responses to the questions in the comments area below. You could also do this on YouTube in the comments section there, or even on BitChute or Library.

The Science of Getting Rich Study Questions – Week 5

Q1) What old idea must you rid yourself of?

Q2) What is every living thing seeking?

Q3) What is the desire for riches really, and what causes desires?

Q4) Explain why the Universe wants you to get rich.

Q5) Which is better, extreme altruism or extreme selfishness? Explain why?

Q6) Why can you help others by making the most of yourself than in any other way?

Q7) Why don’t riches gained on the competitive plane cause lasting happiness?

Q8) If you think for even a moment that the supply is limited, what happens?

Q9) How are you to keep from falling into the competitive mind?

Q10) Once again, detail the three point summary found on page 52 word-for-word.

Chapter 5 Increasing Life

Review Chapter 5 of The Science of Getting Rich below.

Join us next week for a study of Chapter 6.

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