Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich – Study Guide Week 15

With out study of Chapter 14 last week we learnt about the impression of increase and how this has a lure of attraction. This week we will explore the concept of The Advancing Personality in “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.

A set of questions have been provided at the bottom of this post to help with the study of this Chapter. The purpose of these are to help you draw out points of meaning to you and sharpen your focus on the application of the Science of Getting Rich in your life.

Please take some time to share your responses to these questions in the comments section below. This content is also available on YouTube, BitChute, and Odysee if these platforms are more to your liking.

The Science of Getting Rich Study Questions – Week 15

Q1) What impression should the professional person seek to give? Why?

Q2) What is promised if the combined mental and personal actions are taken? Why?

Q3) What should a man or woman do where there is little visible sign of advancement?

Q4) Regarding Q3, what will the effect of this be?

Q5) What would happen to any organisation if a large parentage of its Workers entered the Certain Way?

Q6) What does the Author say of waiting for the perfect opportunity?

Chapter 15 The Advancing Personality

Review Chapter 15 of The Science of Getting Rich below.

Join us next week for a study of Chapter 16.

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