Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich – Study Guide Week 10

Chapter 9’s study last week covered how to use The Will and the importance of doing this in the right way. We will explore this aspect in more detail as we look at ‘Further Use of The Will’ in chapter 10 of “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.

Per previous weeks you will find some questions provided at the bottom of this post to assist with gaining more clarity from the lessons included in this Chapter.

I would be grateful for your participation in this study, and to read your responses to the questions in the comments section below. The comments section on YouTube is also open to you. You may also choose to engage via BitChute or Odysee.

The Science of Getting Rich Study Questions – Week 10

Q1) When it comes to telling others about your past troubles, what should you do?

Q2) What is the only way that you can assist the world in growing rich?

Q3) What types of world news should you read and watch?

Q4) What have you to gain by dabbling in other ‘systems’ and theories of theosophy, spiritualism, the occult and kindred studies? What is the likely outcome?

Q5) Explain the use of The Will in properly directing the attention.

Chapter 10 Further Use of The Will

Review Chapter 10 of The Science of Getting Rich below.

Join us next week for a study of Chapter 11.

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