Used RV Sales Getting You Closer to Adventure Sooner

Buying an RV fresh off the lot can be a very big investment. With a base model RV typically starting anywhere from $60,000 (depending on where you live) this isn’t something to rush in to.

Did you know that you could quite easily scoop up a more attractive deal by going with a second hand, or used RV?

Don’t underestimate the benefits of going for a used RV over a new one. Aside from the obvious comparable reduction in cost, quite often a used RV will have had some extra work done by the previous Owner.

In a lot of cases, some passionate RV Owner would have bought their RV brand new and had what they saw as the ‘necessary’ additions for their type of travel and camping installed. This means you’ll be able to pick up something closer to your idea of complete and ready to go in a much more affordable price range.

Used RVs Hold their Value

The great thing is that second hand, or used RVs, tend to hold their value quite well, particularly when they are looked after. Keeping in mind that used RV sales is a specialized area, and if you can find a reputable Used RV Dealer, you’ll be set.

But, before you head over to any used RV Sales Center, it really pays to have a few things lined up. These aren’t complicated, but they can help you a lot with your decision-making process and ensure that you get the most value out of your purchase. Some key things to consider include:

  • Setting a budget
  • Being clear on what you want
  • Understanding what you are looking at

Just having these things set out will give you a much better chance at making a choice that you feel best suits your needs. This will also help you to get a good deal at a price you’re comfortable with too. So, let’s take a little bit more of a deep dive into these.

Setting a Budget

When buying a used RV, setting a budget doesn’t mean being a complete Scrooge McDuck. Sometimes the little more in an added expense as a part of your purchase can have a whole lot of value, as long as it is affordable for you.

This could be things like packaged aftercare such as regular maintenance and servicing and roadside assistance. As much as they may seem like a bit of a hit to the hip pocket, it’s amazing how much of a jam they can get you out of when you need them.

If you have an ideal outcome you’re looking for such as specific finishing and appliances, keep in mind that these could add to the cost in a way that may mean you need to evaluate your budget accordingly. If you want top shelf, you’re going to get top shelf prices.

You budget is going to play a key part in helping you to make sure you can service any debt you’re planning on taking on as a part of your purchase. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Be clear about what You want

Being clear about what you want does a lot to help a Professional in the used RV sales market help you meet your wants and needs. The person working with you in your purchase will need to have as clean an image in their mind of what you want as you do. This will save you a lot of time, help to avoid confusion with too many options, and reduce the chance that you’ll end up with something you don’t want.

If it’s a 2009 Monaco RV Knight 41SKQ with four slides, kitted out with the latest AV, AC and kitchen appliances that you want, then tell your Sales Professional. This way you won’t find frustration being shown RV after RV that don’t fit your bill.

There’s no point looking at a fifth wheeler if you’re not in the market for one. This will only cause indecisiveness on your part, and take you further away from getting into your RV, and getting out into the great outdoors.

But what if you don’t know that it’s a 2009 Monaco? Simply letting the person guiding you through the process what it looks like, the features you want, and the general feel will give them enough context to be able to take you to your dream RV.

For some serious inspiration about what is available in the used RV market, take a look at Pedata RV Center where there is a huge selection of RVs. This is a great site to check out as their inventory is very clearly documented, and you’ll see plenty of images of both the interior and exterior to help you make your best choice.

Understand what You’re looking at

A true Sales Professional is there to help you make the best choice that suits your needs. At the end of the day, if you don’t get what you want, you’re not likely to refer anyone, or revisit them when it is time to upgrade. Sales Professionals make their living in helping their Clients make the choices that suit the needs of their Clients. This means walking you through things that you may not be very clear on.

If there’s something about your dream RV that you aren’t sure about, ask them. They have a wealth of knowledge in the space, and it’s their job to help you close these gaps out.

The better informed you are about what it is that you’re looking at, the better off you’re going to be. And the more likely it is that you’ll drive away with an RV that will bring you many happy years of boondocking, camping and adventure.

After all, the RV is what will take you to the moments that will become your cherished outdoors memories. This is why I choose to source my RVs through used RV sales rather than new. It also leaves more money in my pocket to spend on the road.

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