USB Rechargeable Heated Body Warmer Vest

Have you ever felt the bitter cold cut through whatever layers you have been able to put on before going out? Winter can be tough enough without experiencing this level of discomfort. But you don’t have to.

With the release of this USB rechargeable heated body warmer vest it’s hello heat, goodbye as there are no more cold winters!

Let me give you a little context as to why I’m so excited about this. Imagine watching the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) in the far northern reaches of Canada. Not in the tail end of a mild summer, but in the chilling depths of a -40°C (that’s -40°F!) winter.

It was during the last days of winter in 2014 that I was hiking and taking photos of the Northern Lights.

Being some 75 kilometers out of Yellowknife on the Ingrham Trail at Tibbitt Lake, where the Ice Road started, it was here that I really could have used something like the Heated Body Warmer.

I had 6 layers on and still found myself fighting off the cold as my camera equipment started to freeze up. If only there was an option like this to stay warm back then!

The time spent on the ice roads in the middle of the night would have been easier to handle. For me, this really stick in my mind and underlines the importance for preparing in advance for camping trips.

What I love about this body warmer is that it delivers the following knockout features, it is:

  • Extremely light weight
  • Fitted with a color indicator to make temperature selection simple
  • Can heat from 77°F right up to 149°F
  • Is super fast at delivering a source of noticeable heat

When you are looking for a way to stay warm on cold days or nights, and need an option that is not going to restrict your movement, this is perfect!

Durable and dynamic, this has to be the most impressive innovation in the space I’ve seen lately. Making sure that I pack my USB rechargeable heated body warmer vest for when I hit the road for colder climates is a must.

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