Undoubtedly The Best Spinning Reel – Okuma Ceymar C-30 Lightweight

When you want to test the waters with a high-quality piece of tackle, it’s very hard to look any further than the Okuma Ceymar C-30 Lightweight, which in my opinion is the best spinning reel available for a very reasonable price.

My wife and I made our way out to Lake Corangamite to give the Okuma Ceymar C-30 a test drive. The wide-open waters here are spectacular, and on a still day, the fishing is more than impressive.

Getting past what my wife calls the superficial aspects of this, the colors that the Okuma Ceymar C-30 comes in are either black or red.

With a good quality gloss finish, this looks impressive. But, it’s not all about the looks as you know, there are some solid reasons why the Okuma Ceymar C-30 gets the press that it does.

I believe that the success of this gem that is seeing it being called the best spinning reel available comes down to the even balance between the reasonable price point and the sturdy fabrication of this unit.

I’d go so far as to say that it is really second to none in its range.

I love the feel of this spinning reel, which, when looked after should give you years of reliable use. Straight out of the box it spins like a planet orbiting the sun, you get the impression that the spinning could go on forever it is so smooth.

As much as I may be echoing the sentiments of the post I read that convinced me that this was the best spinning reel for me, I have to thank Crow Survival for their top 10 fishing reels reviewed post which made this decision so easy.

The Okuma Ceymar C-30 sits nicely on my Omen Green, and feels very well balanced. There’s not much more that I want from that perspective as I don’t like to work with an unbalanced combination of rod and reel.

Holding this setup is so nice, the combination is not overly heavy on the tip, and even with a rod that has a longer butt, it compliments the feel quite well.

A key thing I look for in every set up that I but is that it is nicely balanced. I don’t like the set up to be too top heavy, or too bottom heavy.

The Okuma Ceymar C-30 help with providing a good balance at the right point where you are holding the reel. The Okuma Ceymar C-30 also has a nicely crafted reel seat that flows back smoothly to almost every handle out there.

Unlike some of the older tackle my grandfather owned, where the weight was interpreted as a sign of reliability, this is a dream to work with.

A tip I’ll give you for free right here is that you will want to choose a rod that has a little more padding around the reel seat to cushion the impact of setting the hook.

After a long day, if you are setting the hook a lot, you will begin to notice this. That being said, as a piece of advice it is more aligned to the right rod rather than anything to do with what the Okuma Ceymar C-30 brings to the table.

The great thing about the Okuma Ceymar C-30 is that any line I’ve spooled on to it has been easy to do.

Depending upon the braid you choose to use this will change the feel a little as you cast, but the Okuma Ceymar C-30 casts nicely, and with the combination of a good technique and decent tackle, you’ll be amazed at the distance you can get.

The Okuma Ceymar C-30 handles well for its size, with a good drag system and is very durable.

The Okuma Ceymar C-30 has the strength and the power you will need with the performance of a medium to heavy set up, while maintaining a lightweight profile. The gear rotation in this reel makes using it very easy.

Given that the spin reels in this range go from the ultralight 10 right through to the heavier 65, the C-30 is a happy medium that I’m finding is easy to use for longer periods of time.

Packed with features, this is designed to perform, and impress.

The feel of the handle on the C-30 is great, it doesn’t slip when it gets wet like other handles made of rubber (or worse still) plastic.

With my reel, even after some hard preliminary use over the past few weeks, nothing is wobbling or feeling loose like I have had with some other reels in the past.

As the best spinning reel available this unit is designed to do a lot more than look good, it’s got the spirit of a workhorse that never quits.

Go over to Crow Survival for their top 10 fishing reels reviewed post and dig a little deeper on the Okuma Ceymar C-30 for yourself. There’s a great comparison where you can see how this spinning reel stacks up against 9 other impressive spinning reels.

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