Tips for Choosing the Best Deep Cycle Trolling Motor Batteries

When it comes to reliable batteries for smaller boats and kayaks, particularly when trolling, there are a few things that you need to consider. Taking a look at what is on the market when considering the best deep cycle trolling motor batteries is so much easier when you consider a few tips.

Some of the things that I’ve found have let me down over the years have led me to a handful of options that I prefer.

The challenges faced in boating are unique, and if you rush out into the open water without considering them, it can be problematic.

Challenges I have faced with different deep cycle batteries include:

  • Inconsistencies in power output
  • Quick draining
  • Compatibility, and
  • Durability

Looking at these key points, i want to give you a few tips to consider to help you choose the best deep cycle trolling motor battery for you.

First up, let’s take a look at the inconsistencies in power output. These can only be discovered when you start to do a deep dive in comparing one battery to another.

I’ve found a concise reference that helped me at where the team there have given a comparison of the pros and cons of the following trolling batteries:

  • Optima 8016 – 103 D34M
  • VMaxTanks V35 – 857
  • VMaxTanks VMax SLR 125
  • Mighty Max ML35 – 12
  • Universal UB121000 – 45978, and
  • Exide XMC – 31 AGM – 200

Knowing what you need to power your motor efficiently is step number one. This is going to help in both the inconsistencies in output and also with the draw on the battery, which can drain it very quickly.

Rushing in to buying a batter that seems to be the best fit is often a mistake that people make, which is really easy to overcome.

Before you toss your old battery away, take a look at the model number and find out if you can source the same one. If not, or if you are wanting to try another brand, check that the specifications are the same as the battery you are replacing.

Regardless of if you are looking for a battery for a Mini Kota, or a Watersnake Shadow, this is really going to matter.

It is mind blowing how often a battery that looks like it will do the job doesn’t. This can quite often be due to fit, or terminal design.

When you are looking at a deep cycle trolling battery for a smaller boat, you want to make sure that transportability is considered. Look for a unit that has a sturdy casing, and a reliable handle.

There’s nothing worse than finding the handle gives out as you’re carrying the battery to your boat. Trust me, dropping something like this on your foot is no fun at all.

With those point in mind, I wish you happy boating, and all the best in finding the best deep cycle trolling motor batteries to meet your needs.

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