Super Arizona GT – Easy Set Up Family Tent

As we are getting back to my favorite time of year, the camping season is just about to hit the highs that I love so much.

The days seem to be perfectly designed for the outdoors, and while I’m on the topic of perfectly designed I want to share with you my thoughts on the Super Arizona GT.

My newest addition to the camping kit, this easy set up family tent is one that I’ve been scoping out for a few months now.

Having used my Coleman Lakeside for the past few years, it has become tired and in need of some serious repairs as a result of the harsh terrain we have been exploring.

Super Arizona GT

What drew me to the Super Arizona GT over other options out there was initially the ease of set up. This tent was one that I had checked out on a number of websites and youtube channels, with the best rundown I found being on NTK Global.

Having used the Super Arizona GT now for a couple of weeks very frequently I would say the best decision I made was choosing this tent over the endless sea of options in similar tents based on the following key points.

Ample Space

What I was looking for was something that would continue to allow me and my family to enjoy the comforts we had previously, with a few added bonuses.

Given that this spacious tent can accommodate 10 people comfortably, my biggest tick was being able to stand up inside the tent and not feel like the roof was resting on my head. Being over 6 feet tall this can be a challenge with other options in the market.

The ability to move around in the 2 room space without having the feeling that you’re in danger of treading on one of the kids in the dark makes for a much happier experience.

Trust me, I’ve crushed a hand or two in the dark before with what my wife calls my ‘clod hoppers’ (size 12 feet), and it’s not much fun for anyone involved.

Functional Design

Along with being an easy set up family tent, the Super Arizona GT meets all of the practical design requirements that any camper is looking for.

With the right placement, you’ll find that with this functional design the things that are supposed to stay outside of the tent tend to stay outside of the tent.

We found that this two-room tent design was much better at keeping those small pieces of debris, such as sticks and leaves from making their way into the sleeping space.

This is a rather substantial positive in my wife’s opinion as she’s a bit of a clean freak, constantly sweeping the floor out and tidying up.

If you don’t want the divider to be up while you are using the Super Arizona GT, it is conveniently able to be removed, which will give you more primary space, if that is what you are looking for in a tent.

Exceptional Ventilation

One of the things I love the most about camping is that I feel like I get the best quality of sleep with the fresh night air flowing through the tent around me. I’m not one for stuffy and confined spaces.

The Super Arizona GT allows for impressive ventilation with the nicely sized 2 doors and 3 windows.

Given that the windows and doors are covered with a very high-quality NO-SEE-UM type polyester mesh, those pesky bugs that can keep you up all night are much less likely to be able to invade your space.

Protection from the Weather

When you slip the rain fly over the top of this easy set up family tent it is fully covered and protected from the elements, which is critical given how quickly the weather can turn in some parts.

Couple that well-designed feature of the rain fly with the deep bathtub style flooring and you have all the protection from the weather that you could ever need. 

No more worries about heavy rainfall washing in through the base and soaking you while you sleep.

The thought and the work that has gone into the design of the base for this tent and the rain fly alone clearly made this a standout choice for me over anything else that was out there.

As a family, we have experienced some pretty nasty weather on the odd occasion, and this is had become a factor that I now consistently consider when making a choice on our next tent purchase.

Easy Set Up Family Tent

Even for a complete newbie to camping, the Super Arizona GT offers intuitive design aspects that help make this top the list of easy set up family tents.

Color-coded nano-flex poles, which are really quite easy to use and flexible maks the good old days of rigid galvanized tent poles seen so far away.

Not having to carry those older heavyweight pieces of kit around when you are hiking is a blessing!

The set up and disassembly of the Super Arizona GT is by far the one that I’ve found is extremely easy to work with and has helped take the tension and frustration out of one of the less desirable aspects of camping.

In my experience, it’s during the set up and pack up that any tensions that may be around can flare, but this tent is a breeze to work with.

Without going much deeper into the specs for this tent, I would happily buy this again if I was in the position where I needed to.

For more info about the technical side of the Super Arizona GT as my pick of the easy set up family tent options, head over to NTK Global’s site for all of the data you could need.

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