Romantic Camping Ideas

When trying to dream up romantic camping ideas for that perfect romantic camping trip, you need to take into consideration a few things:

  • Travel modes
  • Activities
  • Destinations
  • Locations
  • Seasons and
  • Meals

After all; romance is about connection, and enjoying being with the person you love, and re-establishing bonds or creating new ones.

Simply letting all of the stresses of daily life go, and living in the moment with no distractions, except each other is what these romantic outings should provide you.

Sharing and appreciating one another, exchanging ideas, and discussing how you each behold the natural, or manufactured beauty around you will help improve and deepen communication.

When choosing an outdoor romantic destination, make sure it is somewhere with activities you both enjoy. It’s pointless booking into a seaside spot to watch the whales and seals, or any other sea life, if you or your partner are terrified of the water.

Additionally, it doesn’t make for an enjoyable time if you detest sand in your clothes and food, or the sticky feel of sea water on your skin and in your hair.

Getting there and setting a romantic tone

A camp easily accessible by car, bike, boat or horse is much more practical to arrive at and enjoy. This provides for a better start than one that entails hours of tramping with heavy back packs and dehydrated food.

After all, we are looking for romance here, not embarking on a competition to see who will be the next iron man in the relationship.

If cycling is a sport you both enjoy, research locations that you can cycle to where cabin or tent hire is available.

This is another great way to have that perfect romantic camping idea come to life. You could add to the romance by choosing somewhere with a picnic service for dinner, or even a dinner box which you can pick up and set up at nearby points of interest and beauty.

Planning the special touches to your romantic camping ideas

When planning your romantic camping getaway, write down some key points about what it is that you are hoping to rekindle, or create memories of.

What are the intimate and loving moments you enjoy?

What does your partner enjoy?

Choose activities that will remind you of why you fell in love. Consider what that will allow you to further build on the memories of your time and life together.

Take some time to prepare a playlist of favourite music that has meaning for both you and your partner.

Pack extra batteries for the Walkman or i-Pod, or make sure that your battery backups are fully charged. Pack a small basket with delicious treats and delicacies which you can feed each other.

Camping does not need to equate to unimaginative cuisine and meager portions.

Need some ideas to help fuel your imagination?

Swimming is a must for many when camping. Hot pools in the bush, or hot water beaches where you can dig a hole in the sand and watch it fill up before taking a dip after a long day’s activities can be very relaxing. Allow time for soaking in a fresh pool of naturally warm water.

Add to this the pleasure of sipping on your favourite drink, or simply holding hands. It is also nice to just take in the views of your chosen location, which can open the door to moments you’ll never forget.

Rivers with calm pools to swim in can provide an opportunity for you to both relax. If you want to play the hunter gatherer you could also catch your dinner fishing.

A refreshing dip taken on a warm day in cool, clean water while talking and enjoying the moment can do wonders to bring you closer together.

Try being face to face as you swim in quite pools or rivers with the surrounding serenity of nature. Admire the reflections of the beautiful day together on the water’s surface.

This will both cool and calm the soul. Taking time as you dry out together and warm up in the gentle sunshine on the banks afterwards, watching the water gently flow by can be a great way to unwind.

Take a break form the hustle and bustle

Gazing at spectacular waterfalls, or white water rapids, can also allow your mind to slip back a gear or two. Sitting and listening to the roar of the water. Feeling the spray and watch the rainbow effect as the sunlight is refracted through the spray can be mesmerising.

You will be able to disconnect and de-clutter from the craziness of life with ease. While in this state you may find it easier to communicate more openly and honestly with your partner.

Try some meditation while in these surrounds to settle down and move into each other’s presence.

As one of the more popular suggestions in our romantic camping ideas, this is on the top of our list. It certainly is a great way to really relax into the time while camping.

If swimming is not on the cards, but other water sports have not be ruled out, there are many other options to consider in your search for romantic camping ideas.

Rafting or kayaking and sharing the thrill of adventure can give you many fun moments to look back on.

Or maybe you just want to take it at a slower pace and enjoy the serenity of the water lapping against the raft or kayak. This can be very relaxing as it carries you through new and interesting country.

So much of our time  is spent seeing the land from the land. With our view of the world being one that is normally taken from a dry bank looking out at the water.

Romantic camping ideas to excite the senses

The allure of sitting on a river bank with a crackling fire as the sun goes down is often a mental image that is held as the epitome of what makes a romantic camping idea. Come dinner time, after spending a part of the afternoon fishing for super it’s time to relax.

Spend time watching the light change in the trees as the sun sets. Or just take in the smell of food cooking on the camp fire; this certainly gets the taste buds going.

On the subject of campfires; check if you can have campfires and where they must be. Stick to using designated fire pits. Find one on the perimeter of camp and pitch your tent with the door facing the fire.

If fairer weather is forecast, things can be much easier to plan for.

Taking a cheeky picnic in winery country during the afternoon at the back of a vineyard, followed by sleeping on back of a Ute while snuggling under the blankets as you watch the stars and name the constellations can provide for a memorable evening.

This is made all the more enjoyable while sipping your favourite drop in the arms of your loved one.

If this sounds a little too extreme for you, there are often pushbike or horse and carriage tours around winery districts. These can provide for some very memorable days.

When camping and bringing in the romance it doesn’t all have to be about tents, bush cooking and fires. A trip into town for a part of the day to sample the local food and wine can be a great way to have some fun.

Take it easy with the wine when driving and make sure you can get back to your camp base safely. Maybe take a bottle or two with you to enjoy by the fire at the end of the day.

Creative ideas around the camp fire

Taking it easy the following morning after a late night stargazing with a could of wines is almost a must. Plan ahead and take the opportunity to cook a lazy, and scrumptious breakfast. Do something very different like make pancakes in cute shapes.

Try cooking eggs and ham in a pan on an open fire so they take on a delicious smokey flavour. Cinnamon toast served nice and hot with banana and honey could even be a winner!

If cooking first thing in the morning is not your style, then wander to the nearest kitchen and buy breakfast.

This has it’s own benefits, your precious time in the morning isn’t being spent on cooking and dishes but is being spent on appreciating each other.

If you don’t normally do this with your partner then it could be one of those romantic camping ideas that makes a lasting impression.

A fresh start to the day

Once breakfast is taken care of it’s time to get the day going. Enjoying the bush while away from it all is a favourite for many nature lovers on the list of romantic camping ideas.

Bush walks and horseback riding can provide a way to experience the beauty of nature. Be sure to explore and relish in what can be found in many national parks, deserts or lake lands

You could also go berry or nut foraging if you know what you are looking for, or in the springtime a great opportunity can be found in wild flower viewing.

After your busy day when you are back at your campsite a great way to put the icing on your romantic camping ideas cake could be to relax before dinner with foot or hand massages.

If you have the space, a full body massage might be just what the Doctor ordered.

Take the time to set up your campsite with scented candles, an oil burner or incense if possible.

Set up some lanterns in the trees if there is no risk of causing  a bush fire or using small battery operated votive candles to create a fairy tale feel to the campsite.

Bring a little of the indoor style from a beauty salon to the outdoors for your partner and pamper them.

Picking the right location

The biggest killer for romance is having more company than you really want. Set up somewhere secluded with a bit of privacy.

Don’t set up in the middle of the camp area, or as close to facilities as you can physically get. The constant foot traffic, noise and possibly unpleasant smells can do more than detracts from realising your romantic camping ideas.

Keeping in mind that you are there for an intimate, romantic getaway and not a three day music festival, you really want the conditions to be inline with your objectives.

Avoid busy parks if possible, and choose times that are not in the school holidays or peak vacation seasons.

Romantic rarely equates to being in the middle of a scout camp interacting with every other person in sight.

To camp lightly, or not to camp lightly?

With all of your planning into making this an unforgettably romantic camping trip you need to consider how much ‘stuff’ you’re taking with you.

The risk of camping too lightly is that you may wind up exposed to discomfort and misery.

Your romantic camping ideas need to be planned so you can camp for comfort. Inflatable mattresses, blankets or twin sleeping bags that zip together are great.

Take pillows that you are able to sleep on, this will make a big difference to your comfort. There’s little more appealing that a stiff neck and a sore back from sleeping on lumpy ground.

Sleeping on things that dig into your ribs with every move you make whilst in bed is no fun. Make sure you don’t accidentally end up sleeping on the mallet you used to pin the tent pegs.

Pack for comfort so you can cuddle up and enjoy the time together in some snugly blankets.

Waking up in comfort and watching the sunrise while sipping your coffee and planing your day’s activities, or just relaxing, is much more appealing than the alternative.

Now that you’re equipped with some romantic camping ideas you can confidently hit the road. Get out there in search of new adventures with your nearest and dearest.

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