Quick and Easy Camping Cooking Ideas for Kids

Camping with your kids is the most fun experience you will ever have. Your children get to engage in many fun activities involving nature.

One thing that fascinates them is the camp fire. The camp fire is a place to cook delicious treats and roast, yummy marshmallows.

Therefore when you make your camping plan, please include quick and easy camping cooking ideas for kids to make the trip worthwhile.

Bring spontaneous ingredients along, since camping is a time to let go and be wild. Soon you will be preparing creative menus that ensure your kids have an enjoyable experience.

Also, don’t forget to carry the right cooking equipment; the camp fire can frustrate you when cooking large meals.


Breakfast is not that important, wrong! It’s critical when camping since it provides energy to kick start the exciting day.

If you kids have an energy breakfast, they will be energised to do all the fun day camping activities.

Breakfast sandwich

It is one of the most delicious breakfasts that your kids will enjoy. The sandwich can have a fun twist to it by making it as pies.

You can prepare the sandwich using eggs, cheese, ham, tuna, and sausages. You can also kill a squirrel and roast it for breakfast.

Breakfast Burrito

It is a delicious meal for children that will fuel them for the day. A burrito combines all the kid’s favourite breakfast meals like; bacon, cheese, sausage, and eggs.

Blueberry Maple Pancakes

Kids always love pancakes, and they are popular in any campsite breakfast. Therefore if you want to savour the camp pancake, you can top it up with syrup, honey or blueberries.


Camp kabobs

Another easy and fun lunch camp meal is the kabobs. The meal is fun to eat, and kids will enjoy every bite. Make sure to carry potatoes and bread; you can Google the ingredients in the wild.

Lunch is not that important during camping since you always doing something like hiking, so let’s skip to supper.

Corn on the cob

The meal is an easy and cheap side dish. The kids will love the corn on cob idea since the corn will soft.

For a more flavoursome touch, lay the grill over the side of the fire and let the corn finish cooking in the heat of the coals. The smokey smell and the taste of the butter as it fills the gaps of the corn will add a delightful change to boiled corn.

You may find that all the kids want to eat is corn on the cob after this.


Who doesn’t love pizza? You can make a finger licking pizza the kids will enjoy on your campfire.

Muffins in oranges

What you need for this quick campfire recipe are muffins, oranges, and foil. Kids can enjoy making the muffins in orange shells, but you should supervise them.


Sugar cinnamon monkey bread

For this recipe, you got to have a Dutch oven. Sugar cinnamon monkey bread is a delicious and sweet treat that the children will enjoy.

Chocolate Burritos

If you try making it will be a new tradition in every camping trip. As you sit around the camp fire, your family will enjoy making the chocolate burritos as no cookware is required.

The dessert is also sweet and gooey and requires minimal cleanup. If you can’t get a hold of any tortillas, then a sweet croissant will do just nicely; actually, I prefer the croissants.

Either way, it’s chocolate and the kids are going to love it, and you, so everyone’s a winner!

“Carry more ingredients and spice things up” Also let the kids do the cooking for once.

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