NFT Rarity Scale

For the sake of clarity, the below scale has been applied to the minting of NFTs that unTLDR supports. Where there is a deviation from this scale it will be stated on the platform where the NFTs are listed.

As the rarity of these characters increases, so too does the locked bonuses that come with them. The rarity scale for this series is based on the Sheldon Rarity Scale:

  • R-1 Very Common (more than 1000 minted)
  • R-2 Common (600 to 999 minted)
  • R-3 Less Common (300 to 599 minted)
  • R-4 Scarce (100 to 299 minted)
  • R-5 Very Scarce (60 to 99 minted)
  • R-6 Rare (20 to 59 minted)
  • R-7 Very Rare (5 to 19 minted)
  • R-8 Prohibitively Rare (2 to 4 minted)
  • R-9 Unique (1 minted)

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