NFT Art Glitch Beyond Binary Relaunched by Sotheby’s

The NFT art world has experienced tremendous growth since 2021, creating numerous opportunities for artists and collectors. One notable development is the relaunch of Sotheby’s “Glitch Beyond Binary” digital art sale, addressing diversity concerns and showcasing works from a variety of artists.

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Sotheby’s Glitch Beyond Binary

Sotheby’s previously paused its NFT art auction, “Natively Digital: Glitch-ism,” due to a lack of diversity. The relaunched event, “Glitch: Beyond Binary,” aims to highlight diverse artist communities in Glitch Art, with bidding opening on April 19.

Glitch Art uses digital or analog errors to intentionally disrupt artworks, often serving as a medium for political and identity expression by artists from diverse backgrounds.

To address the diversity concerns, Sotheby’s enlisted Dina Chang and Dawnia Darkstone (aka Letsglitchit) to co-curate the event, assembling an eclectic group of exceptional artists.

This relaunch not only represents an important step toward inclusivity in the digital art world but also demonstrates the shifting landscape of art and creativity in the age of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

glitch beyond binary

As the demand for digital art and NFTs grows, events like “Glitch Beyond Binary” emphasize the crucial role the crypto community plays in shaping the future of artistic expression.

How big could NFTs become?

That’s a tough question to answer. But there are a number of high profile supporters of the space who have very clear visions of just how much this technology could change the way we live.

NFTs are key in the gaming industry too. They aren’t just Bored Aps, Punks and a bunch of cat jpg images. One example is the recent 140,525% profit made by an Illuvium: Beyond game player who discovered and sold an elusive in-game character.

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Wrapping up Glitch Beyond Binary

Sotheby’s “Glitch Beyond Binary” digital art sale marks a significant step forward in embracing diversity and inclusivity in the NFT art world, showcasing immense talent and highlighting the transformative power of cryptocurrencies and digital art. It’s crucial to stay informed about the latest trends and opportunities in the space and to learn and understand the nuances of the digital art world.

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“Glitch Beyond Binary” serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing change, championing diversity, and staying informed.

As the world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies continues to grow, events like these inspire exploration of new avenues of creativity, expression, and investment.

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