Learning the Tricks as a Newbie Boondocker

Arizona is a unique place in the southwestern United States; the climate in the south of Arizona is warm enough for camping in the winter, and many do; the Grand Canyon State is known for “Snowbirds”, who love “RV boondocking” (camping for free) out in the desert, from the beginning of November through the end of March.

In fact, the Quartzsite area of Arizona is a perfect place to pick up a few tips for boondocking newbies and learn a few tricks from the RV old timers. Snowbirds tend to be a friendly flock, especially in the LTVA camps (long term visitor areas) and will be more than willing to give some helpful advice to a novice.

Newbie RVers have many questions and fears about RV boondocking. There are many questions that answers are needed for, some of which may include:

  • Where do you find places to camp?
  • How can I make my water last longer?
  • How many solar panels do I need?
  • Will I smell if I can’t shower every day?
  • What do you do with your trash?

Your first season as a fulltime RVer could be well spent in an LTVA campground in Quartzsite, where you will have access to water, trash disposal and showers, as well as “wise elders”, until you can really learn the ropes of living off grid in your RV on your own.

Quartzsite also hosts a huge RV show every year, attracting hundreds of dealers, with every RV, and RV gadget imaginable.

This is also a good place for newbies to find out more about the boondocking lifestyle, and pick up a few useful tools of the trade. Quartzsite also hosts a huge gem and mineral show every year, which attracts thousands.

BTW, many of the vendors at these large trade shows, are also full time RVers, earning a living on the road, “living the dream!”

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