Iam “My Answer” NFT Collection

unTLDR is proud to support Iam Love’s “My Answer” from the I Am HuMan series with the launch of the NFT collection of characters in the upcoming children’s book due for publication in 2022.

Iam, has been developing this story for some time, and we’re excited to help her take it to the next level.

The My Answer story that Iam shares in this book is one about a hidden secret. Iam describes the negotiations made between the animals and The Creator to protect what is a precious secret by hiding it.

Iam then carefully reveals how this secret can be discovered and known.

The characters in “My Answer” will be progressively released as NFTs and include those shown below. This list will be updated as each new character NFT drops. The rarity scale (e.g. R-5) shown below indicates the number of NFTs minted.

NFT Collection

Disclosure: Terms of Agreement

With the support we have provided in the development and promotion of “My Answer” Iam has kindly agreed to a 50% 50% split of all NFT revenue generated from this series, a portion of which is allocated to the schools in the Darwin community.

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