Hot Dog Cooker Makes Campfire Cooking Simple

The flavor of food that has been cooked over a campfire has a certain taste about it that can’t be achieved unless you’re outdoors. As a family man I often find that with young kids my hands are full, and keeping more than just an eye on them around the campfire often means that I’m down to one hand, if I’m lucky. When I found out about this sweet new camping product, campfire cooking with ease went to the next level.

The perfect hot dog cooker for anyone who is blessed with the responsibility of multitasking, or maybe you just want to be able to keep up with what you’re doing on your iPhone. Either way, having the ability to just set and kind of forget, more set and sit back, is really appealing to me.

Made with a sturdy design from high quality materials, I haven’t found a roasting post that comes close to what I found here. The Roasting Post made by Campfire Creation has everything you’ll need to put together the perfect campfire cooking setup with ease.

The ability to firmly fix this unit into the ground is made so much easier with a peg designed to apply pressure using your feet. No more looking for the right kind of stick to find that it snaps when you try to jam it into the ground. Let’s be real about this, you’re not always going to have nice soft ground, and this foot peg is going to make a huge difference.

The semi circle frame that the roasting fork is held by gives you control over the dip of your hot dog cooker, meaning you have the ability to set it higher or lower depending upon your campfire. This acts as a really practical alternative to a telescopic design which would prove to be problematic quite quickly in my opinion. The design of this unit means that most roasting forks will easily nest inside the bracket.

Since I’ve had this little beauty, four of them to be precise, the time spent with the kids around the campfire has been so much more enjoyable. I don’t have to worry about dropping things to look out for them. Family campground cooking is even entertaining for the kids. The youngest is even able to twirl his own hot dogs at five years old and get an even cook, it’s that easy!

Clean up is a breeze too. This roasting post, being a solid construction with no actual moving parts, makes the washing down and packing up so easy.

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