Get Your Custom Fabric Patch Camping Souvenir

This has to be the best find I’ve had for a while. I’ve been searching high and low for a place that will make a custom fabric patch to order as a part of a camping trip I’ve been planning.

If you’ve ever looked around for short run equipment or items you will no doubt have seen that the minimum sometimes can be far more than what you want or really need. But check this out… Patchion does short order custom fabric patches where you can upload your own designs!

We’ve got a commemorative 14 day camping trip coming up in memory of a dear friend who loved hiking with us, and to celebrate the 10 year anniversary I’m getting some embroidered patches made up. I’m really looking forward to giving these out to the group.

Over the years before discovering Patchion, I’d collected embroidered flag patches for the countries I’ve travelled to and added these to a fly fishing vest that I take with me everywhere I travel to. The conversations I find myself getting into with people I’ve just met based on the flags they recognize are often quite memorable.

I would have to say that my fly fishing vest has attracted more people who have become friends on my travels into my life than anything else. Who would have thought that a little fabric patch could do so much?

This has proven to be such a great tool for breaking the ice that my Wife asked if I could arrange the same for her, so I did. She’s picked up some different countries along the way before we met, hence the more African and European collection compared to my Americas and Asia collection.

Since finding Patchion and ordering the custom design campfire outdoor badge that I want with some tweaks and the phrase “Moments Make Memories” added to the bottom, I’ve been coming back to look at other cool gift ideas that I can arrange. I’ve also got some new countries to add which they have available, and some that I’m requesting.

All you need to do to get your custom fabric patch arranged is send them through the artwork, wait for the quote and the draft, make any requests for modifications, order, and them in less than 2 weeks you’ll have something unique that people will be asking about.

Check out some of the other cool stuff they have going on. There are some tongue in cheek adult choices that you may find amusing in their current collection too.

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