Essential RV Camping Supplies to Consider

When you think about hitting the road and traveling in an RV, what comes up on the list of essentials for you? It may sound like a bit of a silly question to some, but did you know that when you’re camping in and RV there are some things that simply can’t be overlooked?

A classic example that I have found out the hard way about was something as simple as toilet tissue. I know, right? Who would have thought?

Using the wrong type of product for a system installed in an RV can be very costly when it comes to repairs and dealing with issues like blockages. Thankfully, there are specific camping supplies and essential products for these needs that will take the pressure away.

After all, you’ve spent who knows how many thousands, or tens of thousands getting on the road, so why scrimp on the little things and risk a massive bill down the track. Not to mention being off the road for an unknown period of time.

Browsing through the carefully collated selections of camping and RV essential supplies put together by GoGlampRV, you’ll see there’s a world of RV related supplies that you probably didn’t stop to think about. That’s OK, for some of us, the journey is as much in the preparation as it is in the traveling.

Don’t Leave Home Without These

A List of RV specific supplies that I like to make sure I’ve taken into account, other than the toilet tissue, includes:

  • An effective and space saving all-purpose cleaner
  • Appliances that aren’t going to draw more power than what is safe
  • A reliable surge protection device
  • Light weight kitchenware and cooking equipment
  • Compact and energy efficient climate control systems (The Furion Chill is my go to)
  • Reliable solar systems that are transportable and easy to set up
  • Replacement water filters (there’s no telling what is in the pipes you’re hooking up to)
  • Environmentally friendly sewer chemicals
  • A back up flash light for emergency, and
  • A first aid kit to meet the needs of being in a remote location

Other than those items I’ll normally have enough food and water to carry me through for 3 to 4 times the duration of my intended trip, just in case.

Now I know what you might be thinking, RV specific toilet tissue? Really? Yes, really. Trust me when I say that having what is needed for being out and about on your boondocking adventures is crucial to not ending up in the poop. Literally. Short cutting things by trying to use the wrong equipment doesn’t always work out so well.

Now that You’re Fully Loaded

Now, that brings me to another point that is sometimes overlooked. Your vehicle mass.

Once you’ve stocked up on what you need, including all the things you think you’ll need, or just want to have, it pays to check your weights. There’s nothing more worrying that careering out of control because something has gone wrong while driving and resulted in a dangerous situation.

Sticking within the manufacturer’s specifications when it come to weights is critical. You may even be in an area where there are legal mass limits on the road. These are important too.

I’ve seen too many Drivers in the years come unstuck because they were overloaded, or a load has shifted in transit, resulting in dangerous situations.

There’s very little room for error that could result in brake fade, a blow out, or where a load is not properly secured, a shift in the combined load’s center of mass that could affect vehicle stability.

This is why I choose to go for purpose made items in my RV. They are light weight, yet sturdy in most cases. That way I have less of a chance of overloading and causing vehicular issues that could impact on my, and my families safety, and those around me.

Now it’s time to find the best place to setup camp and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Happy Boondocking!

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