Diving Deep into the Varieties of Key West Fishing

Among the many fishing wonders, you’ll find in and around Key West, the reef, wreck, and blue water varieties are some of the most thrillingly popular.

Thrill a minute adventures await fishermen in the crystal clear waters around Key West. With the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic on the other, this southern outpost presents some of the most exciting angling opportunities in the world.

Words alone can never capture all the fishing glories you’ll find in Key West, but you’ll find a tempting sample in the sections below.

Blue Water Fishing

You can have just the experience you want fishing the waters of Key West. The sheer variety of opportunities is one of the things that brings fishermen in from all over the world.

And these include people at every level of experience. Everyone from the beginner to the professional sportsman will have the time of their lives landing the exotic species of fish found in Key West.

One of the most popular angling adventures in Key West is known as “Blue Water Fishing.” Blue Water fishing means a guided tour of the gorgeous waters that can extend from the edge of the magnificent Florida Reef for miles further out.

Also known as ‘offshore fishing’, blue water fishing lets you target an almost endless list of both table and game fish.

These blue water species include magnificent game fish like wahoo, sailfish, and several types of marlins. These are all fish that will put up quite a fight.

In fact, they’ll do just about anything they can to stay in the water. That’s why it’s so much fun going after them. It also makes the experience of landing one that much more satisfying.

There is also an abundance of delicious table fish available while blue water fishing. The mahi-mahi, or dolphin fish, is probably the most popular blue water target, for instance.

Don’t worry though – despite its nickname, the mahi-mahi is a fish and has no relation to those cuddly mammalian dolphins we all love.

The blackfin tuna, the bonito, and the mackerel (which should be eaten fresh) are some of the other delicious table fish available in the ‘blue waters’ of Key West.

While this is far from a complete list, it’s still easy to see why blue water fishing is so popular in Key West.

Your best bet for blue water success is fishing with the experienced guides at KW Fishing Link.

Although they deliver a wide variety of other great fishing adventures, the patient, knowledgeable captains at Key West Fishing Link will definitely deliver the best blue water fishing experience in the area.

Reef and Wreck Fishing in Key West

For a different sort of incredible adventure, try a reef or wreck fishing charter trip.   

The reefs and wrecks around Key West offer some of the most amazing deep sea fishing you’ll ever find, and no one takes you there like the experts you can find through The FKF Charters website.

With their abundant resources, you’ll experience a day of unforgettable adventure. You’ll plumb the magnificent depths around the reefs and wrecks to land species like grouper, barracuda, snapper, and many more.

The reefs around Key West are as beautiful as the wrecks are fascinating, and there’s no better way to experience them than through the best guides Key West has to offer. Certainly a far cry from fishing for Rainbow Trout.

For the best in Key West fishing charter services, contact Key West Fishing Link or Florida Keys Fishing today for outdoor memories that will last a lifetime.

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