Common Mistakes New Campers Make (Part 2)

In this entry for the series on the common mistakes new campers make and how you can avoid them we will look at avoiding a Demanding First Adventure and Travelling Too Far Away or Too Quickly.

Common Mistakes

Knowing that all of the hard work you have done in packing the trailer, picking the perfect location, getting your equipment sorted out and herding the kids into the car these are two common mistakes new campers make that you want to avoid next.

Mistake #2: A demanding first adventure

Coming in at number two in the common mistakes new campers make, this could spell the end to any future camping adventures.

Leaping headlong into the deep end may not be the best idea. The notion of a week long adventure through some of the most remote and uninhabited parts of the country may sound awesome, but it is very possible that you or your family may never want to go camping ever again.

But if you get this right it could prove to be quite an amazing experience, and quite possibly a romantic one too.

Unfamiliar equipment, unfriendly terrain, a lack of established processes and very little skill add up to what could be more of a misadventure and a memorable adventure.

Solution: Take your camping adventure one step at a time. Progressively develop each trip as you go from one to the next.

Some other tips could include trying a close to home trial camping trip. It’s often better to choose a relatively close by country town where there is access to a commercial campground or caravan park.

Once you’re comfortable with that, next try visiting some nearby national parks which offer basic facilities and amenities.

After that, when you know you’re really ready to go full-on Bear Grylls and venture into the real bush where higher levels of self-sufficiency are necessary, you’re more likely to have a wonderful time.

Mistake #3: Travelling too far away or too quickly

Many people newbies and seasoned veterans can fail to distinguish between camping and touring. They can spend days on end travelling from one location to the next and not settling long enough to really relax and take in their surrounds.

Or they travel on such tight driving schedules that the entire journey becomes one hectic rush from one place to the next. Not what most would associate with an adventure.

Solution: When travelling, take a deep breath and slow down! Take the time to see and experience the country; it’s what you’re there to do after all.

A daily maximum that I prefer not to exceed is somewhere between 300-500 km. Set your own schedule, travel at practical times, think about where you want to spend the best part of the day when travelling and enjoy it when you get to it.

Try not to spend any more than a quarter of the total holiday time travelling.

Stay tuned for the next post in Common Mistakes New Campers Make where we will explore importance of ensuring you have Comfortable Shelter and Suitable Toilet Arrangements.

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