Common Mistakes New Campers Make (Part 1)

In this series we will explore the common mistakes new campers make and how you can avoid them. These tips come from years of experience in ‘roughing it’ all the way through to, dare I say, ‘glamping it’.

Some of the best time had have been while crossing from the east to the west coast of Australia and back again, while camping in some amazing places. 

Bucket list places like the Head of Bight on the Nullarbor Plain through to Kakadu, and central New South Wales through to northern Western Australia, there are amazing experiences to be had.

Imagine being on your first camping expedition and wowing your friends with your camping skills!

Any camper who claims to have never made a mistake on the adventure is either not being honest with themselves, or doesn’t get out in the bush too often.

No matter how many years we’ve got under our belts, all of us are subject to the occasional “error of judgement”.

But is that such an issue? Not really. If we admit to the error, carefully consider the situation, and try to gain whatever lesson we can from it, each error becomes a part of an effective learning process.

This will offer you more than anyone could expect from a multitude of hassle-free camping trips.

Common Mistakes

As you might expect, there are those typical camping fails that come up more frequently than others. This is more prevalent among the newbies on the campground. Here are seven errors you should look out for and avoid:

Mistake #1: Ineffective choices with equipment

This is right up the top in the common mistakes new campers make. Many novice Campers are dazzled with the massive array of options to have the latest camping bling in order to look the part. But there is so much more to it than simply looking the part.

Don’t get side-tracked by well skilled sales assistants who are hunting for their biggest commission cheque in a couple of months.

The dazzling displays of the next best thing to hit the camping scene can sometimes be the lest effective choice for you to make. That being said, sometimes the latest gadgets can be the saving grace you need.

Also consider the depth of skills and knowledge on the part of the often well-meaning, and at times under informed, possibly inexperienced, sales assistant.

Potential results may include the acquisition of inappropriate, insufficient or unnecessary camping equipment.

Solution: Slow down tiger! Don’t rush into buying on your first date. Resist the urge to buy too much stuff until you get a feel for the outdoors and the different activities that you and your family find most appealing.

Read online reviews, ask questions in forums, look around at the multitude of sites online and possibly stores in your local area.

Another great suggestion is to hire the gear you think you need and take it for a test drive. Do this to see if what you have your eye on actually suits your need.

After each trip it is also a good idea to review your equipment choices, then add or delete depending upon your needs.

Stay tuned for the next post in Common Mistakes New Campers Make where we will explore avoiding a Demanding First Adventure and Travelling Too Far Away or Too Quickly.

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