Catching Rainbow Trout with the Ultimate Fishing Lures

On a recent adventure in South Eastern Victoria camping and fishing through the Snowy River National Park and the Errinundra National Park, we pulled up in some lovely spots with fresh flowing streams and calm waters.

It was time to drop a line or two while my wife collected some timber for the campfire. It was her turn today as I collected firewood the previous day while she watched the line.

I was all set with my new fishing lures, enjoying the light bubbling sound of the water passing by me on the bank.

After a couple of minutes, I was surprised with the response from the trout which were quick to take to my one of my new lures. Pro tip, try this while using a pedal kayak.

I’d been wanting to get away and into the peace of nature to give these a try. A little over an hour later and we had five generously sized Rainbow Trout in our catch.

Having grown up fishing for Black Fish, Red Fin, Trout and the occasional Eel, this was reminiscent of the good old days with my Grandfather.

Unfortunately for him, he never had access to the type of fishing shops and lures that I’ve been able to find. Back then, our bait consisted mainly or Earth Worms, Corn, and occasionally Maggots.

Picking up live bait at a fishing tackle shop was always something I looked forward to as a child; maybe it was really the Mintees I looked forward to more.

Our selection of live bait often did the job nicely in the parts of Western Victoria like Werribee, Colac, and Skipton, which were closer to home.

These days, I don’t mind fishing with live bait, but I’ve found that the results in most cases for my choice of freshwater fishing are not as plentiful compared to when I’m using decent fishing lures and tackle.

When my wife found out that I’d been holding back on her with my new lure, she soon dropped what she was doing and took over from me.

I’d had a bit of fun pulling five of my own in, and I think jealousy got the better of her; particularly when she saw how good the little 11-gram investment did in these waters. The combination of the colors on this little beauty and the treble hook was impressive; the fish didn’t know what had hit them!

I confessed to my sources for the new tackle and showed her the website one of my mates had shared with me where he gets his tackle, and we ended up online with our mobiles adding some more shallow diving, feather, and hard body lures to the cart.

After what had seemed like a few minutes, we realized that almost an hour had gone by.

Our cart had over 20 new lures in it for less than $60, our fresh Rainbow Trout dinner was amazing, and the rest of the catch was packed in the Waeco, ready for the next day.

In particular, I’m really looking forward to the delivery coming to our house so I can try out the amazing looking fishing lures; the Scented Realistic Minnows on our next weekend away.

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