Camper’s Helper Free Camping App and Premium Camping App Review

Have you ever found yourself out on the road and looking for the next best campground to set up at? My wife and I prefer to have a little more flexibility in how we camp, and this is how we normally roll.

It does come with its challenges, but with what I’ve discovered recently, these challenges will be much less of an issue from here on in.

Tired of finding that the Google searches we had done, and the maps we had made ourselves with other apps were not accurate anymore, we got to digging for an alternative solution.

I couldn’t help but think that ‘surely someone has had the same issue as us, and more importantly, done something about it?’

After a couple of searches for different apps that we thought would help us, I finally landed on one that surprised me. Out of the box, Camper’s Helper seemed like it was a pretty sweet deal as a free camping app.

We were able to find the basic information that we needed to so we could continue on our adventure. This free camping app comes with enough info to get a sense of what it can do on a higher level including:

  • Rest Areas
  • Campgrounds
  • Walmart and Sam’s

What drove us to look for other options was that we had encountered a couple of gate closures at campgrounds and national parks that Google had sown as open.

Some of these closures had been in place for the best part of six to nine months! As we went from one place to the next using the information in the free version of Camper’s Helper, we found that we landed in one great spot after another!

It was not too long after that that I decided that the promo, or free camping app, needed to be swapped out for the premium version. My wife also agreed that the premium version of the app was worth having a look at considering the headaches that the trial version had solved for us.

Once I had bought this and put it to work, I found that I was able to see so much more and use a wider range of features that added so much more to our trip.

This opened up layers on the map that gave us so much more flexibility, and all at the tap of a finger. The premium version of Camper’s Helper unlocks a range of features, including my favorites as:

  • Propane Refill Points
  • Dump Stations
  • Truck Stops
  • Flying J
  • Boondocking and Squat locations

Once you have activated the premium version of Camper’s Helper, the layers on your maps will automatically update to give you all of the info you need in order to better plan your camping adventure, or as we love to do, just hit the road and see what you find. Isn’t that the way it should be?

Camping on the go and exploring the country without constraints.

Each one of these items appears on the map with their own easy to identify icon, which makes using this app a breeze. As you can see from the screenshots below that I took from my Samsung Note 8, the user experience is very well designed.

When you navigate the area of interest it just takes a single tap of the finger on the screen to pinpoint the area you are interested in. The app will then find all of the selected categories you want.

Having chosen to zoom in on a campground that we were interested in we got a better idea of the surrounding terrain, walking tracks and all of the other good things that come with being built on the Google Maps system.

The fact that Camper’s Helper uses Google Maps was a big plus for us. We had used other independently developed map applications that didn’t have the support that Google Maps has, so this is a big tick!

Once you find a location you are interested in, it is as simple as clicking on the icon to open up the next screen with more helpful information.

The Developers behind Camper’s Helper have put a lot of work into giving their Users everything they could need, and they are constantly working on improving the app too.

Some of the additional things that I found really helpful in the premium version of this also included the locations of support services such as repair centers and mechanics like:

  • Airstream
  • Roadtrek
  • Winnebago
  • VW Dealers, and
  • Mechanics

These support services are always handy to be able to find quickly when in unfamiliar territory.

When you couple that level of layering on the Camper’s Helper app with the camping oriented details you would expect to find in any other reliable camping app, you really can’t go wrong.

Check out the free camping app version to get started. For more about what is going on with Camper’s Helper, check out their Facebook Page.

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