Best Backpack with Power Supply for 2020

You’re on the go, and all you have been looking for is a backpack that has been designed with care and attention. What you want is a backpack with a power supply that you can rely on. Something that can stand up to the hash conditions while traveling, and give you the carrying capacity you need.

I know exactly what it feels like to have your entire world fall out on the floor while at a café or an airport. All because of some second rate stitching, or poor quality materials.

Unlike anything else that you normally find online, the sleek design of MyBpackk is really refreshing to see.

When I first found out about this little gem I was so excited to see that there was something that I could throw my laptop and camera into, and hit the road without concern.

For someone like me, being able to trust that when the rain hits while I’m on the scooter going from one location to the next, that my equipment will be safe is so important.

This backpack offers what I would describe as flexible, yet hardcore durability. What I love is that it’s not like you’re running around like a ninja turtle with a suitcase strapped to your back.

The MyBpackk backpack feels naturally comfortable, while at the same time being on the rugged side of durable.

What make this an Unbeatable Backpack with Power Supply?

Let me roll off some of the amazing aspects of this backpack that have me excited to hit the road with it.

USB Charger

Right off the bat, this is a big plus for me. Not having to carry around a separate USB charging bank is a great thing.

The MyBpackk backpack is designed with a sturdy port that has been internally fitted. When you stop and look at the way this has been done, you can tell someone has really worked on this.

The thought put into the USB charging port, which sits on the outside upper right makes this backpack with a built in power supply practical and accessible.

Doubling down on quality, this USB port has been firmly stitched in to the wall of the bag. This means that with regular use you’re not going to get that all too common movement and poor connection when the port is used frequently. This is a robust fit out!

Generous Size

Coming in at an ample 55 liters when fully opened in what I like to call metro-hiking mode, this can carry enough to keep you going for days.

If your plan is only to be out and about for the day, you don’t need to look like you’re off to the Himalaya for a month. You can easily roll the top of this bad boy down, adjust the back straps, and voila! Day pack.

Even for a day pack this is still a roomy backpack. Easily capable of up to 30 liters it’s going to serve you well. And that’s just the main compartment. There’s still a few more!

Sturdy and Reliable

With the interior design, one of the things that I love about this is that the main compartment of this backpack includes a separate pouch for your laptop.

Capable of comfortably holding any 16 inch laptop, this backpack is also designed with a Velcro strap to ensure that your valuable tech isn’t damaged by accidentally sliding out when you set your bag down.

Yes, this too has happened to me…

The tech friendly considerations with this backpack don’t stop here.

The padding inside this unit is strategically positioned so the everyday impacts that any backpack may be exposed to have been planned for.

No more worrying about accidental knocks and dings impacting on your precious cargo.

Adjustable Design

Tidy roll up and fold up design, with a clever compacting strap mechanisms that clicks the ends of the straps to keep them out of the way is great. There’s little more that I find annoying than straps flapping around while I’m getting about.

With the way that these pack up when in a more compact mode, there’s none of this feeling like you’re a horse swatting flies with flapping straps in the wind. It’s tidy, and it looks professional.

Being able to roll the top down to get into day pack mode, and then move the back straps has got to be the most ingenious thing I’ve seen in a backpack to date.

This allows for better alignment and positioning on your back. Say goodbye to aches from carrying a weight on your back with poor engineering.

Weatherproof Design

The way the top portion of this backpack folds over on itself like a Swiss roll means that when you’re caught in the rain that there’s extremely little chance of water getting in.

Trust me, after being impacted by water damaged tech whilst overseas, this is a must!

Another great touch is the design of the zippers. The weatherproof concealed approach is a really well thought out element, particularly with the housing for the zipper to return to being recessed in a cover of it’s own.

Recently having been caught in a monsoonal downpour while riding from Mount Agung to Canggu in Bali and having to buy a poncho for my bag was challenging. Everyone else got to the shops before me, and it was slim pickings after that.

With the way that MyBpackk has been put together I wouldn’t have had a worry in the world.

So, next time I’m catching a flight over to Bali I’ll be putting everything I need in my reliable backpack with power supply included. No stress. Carry on luggage only. MyBpackk; done!

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