Beach Tent Perfection – The Perfect Beach Shelter for your next Beach Trip

Nothing says elegance quite like a beach tent that has been designed by someone with an eye for what is truly beautiful.

If you’re looking for a light-weight, easy to set up, functional shade with a whopping UPF50+ UV protection rating to keep you safe under the sun, these Beach Tents from Byron Bay Beach Life literally have you covered.

Imagine sitting on the sand under a warm sunny sky as the waves roll in without concerns about the harsh effects of the sun. Relaxing with some music, or a good book with the ability to take in your surrounds, and maybe a cheeky nap, at any time sounds like bliss to me.

No more sunburnt backs of legs, or feeling the need to retreat to the air conditioning to get out of the sun. Just the warm breeze and the shade required spend the day immersed in paradise.

The range of designs offered in this line of chic beach tents from Byron Bay Beach Life are impressive. Everything from nautical to tropical, these look stunning when they are set up on the beach. In fact, it has been said that these designs are timeless.

But their application doesn’t stop on the sand. Whether you’re out camping in the bush, at the park on the grass, or with the kids in your back yard or poolside they are ideal.

Designed in such a way that they offer optimal air flow and ample shade this beach shelter won’t block your view or your breeze.

As a top shelf beach shade, Byron Bay Beach Life have worked hard to ensure that their beach tents are built to last using premium marine grade components. The addition of YKK Zips to these is another indication of the quality of the materials used.

To make life easier, they come in a compact carry bag which has everything you need to enjoy a day out in the sun with nothing short of stylish coverage.

It doesn’t matter if you call it a beach shade, a beach shelter, a beach tent or canopy. With the ability to change the set up you can get what you need in either high sun or low sun conditions. These are simply stunning.

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