A Month in Nepal – Day 26

After a lot longer than we first expected, it was time to move on back to Kathmandu. The bus from Pokhara dropped us off on the north of the city.

The traffic on Lekhnath Sadak was busier than any other two lane road I’ve encountered previously. In Melbourne when five lanes merge in to two there is chaos and a traffic jam that will not clear this side of Christmas.

In Kathmandu this is the way it is and the flow is consistent. Traffic jams are nothing like those seen in Australia. They clear comparatively quicker.

Walking down the narrow streets we found our way into the north west section of Thamel. Our hotel was the only one in the area that had an elevator, which made for an interesting ride from the ground floor to the fourth floor during load shedding.

Visiting Nepal in July is one of the most cost effective times of the year.

However, it is the monsoon season, and when the rain falls it falls heavy and fast. If you want panoramic views of the mountains, you won’t find them at this time of year.

We found this out not long after arriving in Kathmandu, but the clouds and the rain didn’t dampen our spirits.

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