A Month in Nepal – Day 24

Taking a slow boat from the shore of Pokhara to Taal Barahi Mandir Temple is the best way to enjoy the approaching view.

A small temple situated on a tiny island that seems to be too small to have a name hides in the southern section of the lake.

Tying the boat up to the fence on the side of the temple and walking along a narrow ledge seemed to be the only way to disembark.

Locals flocked here in tiny boats that seemed close to capsizing. Overloaded with no life vests, the occupants seemed to put more than faith into their journey than risk management.

Once on the little island the smoke from the incense hung in the low branches of the trees. Even the breeze moving through which made the waters choppy could not disperse it.

Chanting and the ringing of bells merged with the clunking of boats tied up to make an almost musical accompaniment.

Taal Barahi Mandir Temple was a nice little surprise for the morning.

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