A Month in Nepal – Day 23

Phewa Lake sat quietly in the shade of the surrounding Machhapuchhre and Annapurna Mountains. The still waters held the reflection of the cloudy sky and the mountains like a mirror as the boats sat on its glass-like surface.

A Photographer’s dream, this picturesque town held many great opportunities and didn’t fail to deliver on its promises.

Phewa Lake, sometimes spelt Fewa, is the third biggest lake in Nepal. I was amazed at how many boats sat on the shore and became the victim of the rampant lilies. The slow pace taken on this lake allows for the peace of nature to flow over you.

From where we sat we could see something poking up out of the treetops. It was the World Peace Pagoda. As we say there in awe of the view we decided to tackle the World Peace Pagoda the next day.

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