A Month in Nepal – Day 19

Sarangkot is a short drive north of Pokhara, positioned in the hills with a spectacular view of Phewa Lake, this is a base for paragliding.

The hike up to the top of the mountain is a long one from the shores of the lake. It took around two hours to get to the top, and with the sun setting quickly we still had to make our way back down.

On the ascent we crossed paths with a few different people who made the evening an entertaining one.

From elderly folk who were watching the day slip away, through to young guys trying to sell us Marijuana. The mix didn’t cease to amaze us.

Perched on the side of the hill a number of rickety structures stood defiantly against the elements. We were offered accommodation at every occupied scrap of shelter that we passed.

Abundantly stocked with confectionery, fresh baked goods and cold drinks it amazed me that Coca-Cola had invaded in places where the nearest sealed road was an hours hike downhill.

Still, life goes on and anyone who has the nous to cease the opportunity that passing trade provides takes the prize over those who don’t.

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