A Month in Nepal – Day 1

Landing in Nepal we touched down at Tribhuvan International Airport on the western side of Kathmandu. A sea of people crowding and jostling for pole position at the baggage collection carousel provided for an entertaining spectacle.

Our first visit to Nepal was prior to the 2015 earthquakes and the city was a bustling hive of activity.

The sights, smells and sounds were not what I had anticipated, nor what I had painted for my partner, Christine. To this day she still reminds me of the vast differences as we excitedly share our stories with other.

All around us the din of the traffic was only cut through by the sound of honking horns. People filled the side streets as car and motorcycles slowly pushed through, trying to find their way into another type of traffic jam.

All manner of taxis and other vehicles bounded own the bumpy roads. Clouds of dust kicked up behind them, so much so that a lot of the locals wore dust masks or wrapped bandannas or scarfs around their faces.

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