A Month in Nepal – Day 15

Travelling back to Kathmandu from Chitwan was an adventure like no other.

Previously we had encountered a landslide. This time on our entry into the outskirts of Kathmandu we observed an interesting series of events.

I’ll get to that a little later…

The run out of Sauraha, through Bharatpur was a stop-start process of dodging oncoming motorcycles and trucks, and the occasional suicidal dog or rat.

We stopped at a roadside cafe and the warning on the side of the toilet should have been heeded.

This definitely was the ‘wrong way’ to go when in search of relief. Nepali public facilities can be a challenge, even for the bravest of travellers.

We made our way back in to the congestion of the city and found that before we came down the hill we were pulled over.

A roadblock set up by the police saw us stopped for the best part of an hour as they went through the bus.

What I found interesting was that it was only the locals who were instructed to get off the bus.

One older lady sat on the bus and refused to move. An officer boarded Ave spoke to her in Nepali, I assume based on her response it was a stern instruction to get off.

He left us sitting in our seats right next to her. We were surely not invisible, and this I found a little strange.

Once they were off they had to present in a line and turn out their pockets one by one.

The police confiscated a couple of handfuls of Marijuana and some other items that were difficult to make out.

No one had their luggage on the bus checked, nor were their seats inspected for anything left behind.

Why the locals only were targeted, when the chances were that the tourists had more contraband, I’ll never know.

I guess that’s just how the Nepali police roll?

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